Network Virtualization & Network Health!


Is Network Virtualization going to improve your network’s health?
On this World Health Day, that’s the question everyone’s asking!

Solutions providers are knocking on the doors of Enterprises and Telecom Service Providers and offering them treatments in form of “network virtualization”. Accepting it can prove to be a “Make or Break” decision for your network’s health! That’s why we decided to consult two leading doctors named “Dr. Physical” and “Dr. Virtual” on this.

Dr. Physical blasted network virtualization using the following explosives:

  • Since network virtualization entails centralization of routing control, many virtualized networks will not be able to scale-up especially when devices do broadcast and multi-cast. However, physical networks with decentralized routing control are better suited to scaling.
  • Implementing network functions in software makes them highly vulnerable to hacking and other malicious attacks.
  • Using virtualization modules from a single-vendor will result in vendor-lock-in and using solutions from multiple virtualization vendors will result in severe compatibility issues. Either way virtualization is doomed.
  • The costs of retraining the network management staff on SDN/NFV technologies will be huge – add to it the cost of disruption in migrating the network.

Dr. Virtual sang the SDN/NFV song with the following lyrics:

  • Successful implementation of advanced features such as “Zero Touch Provisioning” will make SDN/NFV networks more scalable than non-virtualized networks.
  • Implementing network functions in software allows micro-segmentation of traffic with unique and specific security policies applied to each class of traffic. Furthermore, Machine Learning and Deep Learning based security solutions can identify an attack in real-time to not just foil it, but also make the network more secure than before.
  • Vendor Lock-in and compatibility issues are more severe in hardware-only non-virtualized networks. Furthermore, SDN/NFV allow less expensive commodity hardware topped with software to replace expensive proprietary hardware.
  • Semi-autonomous SDN/NFV implementations will require retraining of staff; however, more advanced and closed-loop fully-autonomous SDN/NFV implementations will require minimal human intervention.
  • Furthermore, SDN/NFV implementations allow dynamic and predictive traffic reshaping to enable superior adherence to user, application and data specific QoS requirements.

While Dr. Virtual strongly recommends the transformational ‘surgery’ of ‘virtualizing network through NFV/SDN’, Dr. Physical considers that ‘medicines’ in form of ‘network optimization’ should be explored first. And that is why, we at Redeem Systems undertake thorough diagnosis of your networking requirements and current network state to decide the best option -- which could involve medicinal WAN Optimization, surgical Network Virtualization through SDN/NFV or a combination thereof.

Telecom OEMs and Telecom Service Providers or Operators have long trusted us to enhance their portfolio. Furthermore, we are equally open to collaborating with other ‘services/solutions providers’ so that the mutually-complemented competencies make a bigger dent in the market.

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