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Security and Surveillance Systems

From cyber-security against viruses, malware, spams etc. to physical security against unauthorized intruders, our Security and Surveillance Systems utilize the latest technologies to provide end-to-end solutions.

At Redeem Software we have deep expertise in the security domain that spans network, product and application security aspects

We have supported OEMs in the design and development of Network security appliances including the UTM boxes.

Our Security appliances involve protection from multiple threats like virus, malware, spams, intrusions, vulnerable codes, etc. With integrated FW/VPN/IPS/Antispam/AV/URL filtering/application proxy/Multiple WAN/Bandwidth management/End point security, these appliances have complete capability to tackle complex requirements of security and productivity in the network

These appliances can provide security across policy, web security, Wi-Fi Networks, Mail Messaging and mobile client connectivity& SSL VPN needs of a customer

The IP approach is the foundation of tomorrow, available today; Redeem Software is well geared to design & deliver DVR/IP Camera/Video Server based solutions

DVR/IP Camera/Video Server based Surveillance Solution takes full advantage of the superiority of DVR technology over VHS technology. DVRs store data on hard disk drives, eliminating the need for administrators to fuss with messy VHS tapes. DVR data can be easily implemented into any company’s standard IT department’s data storage environment. Thus, an IPSNS storage farm can be easily created to store, mirror and retrieve data. IPSNS’s advanced DVR uses high-end MPEG-4 based compression technology which allows more data to be compacted and stored on disk and even creates betters images versus JPEG, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 technology.

IPSNS Surveillance Solution works seamlessly in a DVR-based surveillance environment to provide the features security administrators have been craving. The surveillance systems we build can be a combination of the following technologies and functionalities – we can bring to life , elements of these, based on the customer requirement.


  • Access network interface DSL/ADSL.
  • Wireless Cameras and ZigBee communication protocols and web based control and Management software.
  • Storage backup and cloud interface and also smart data back up along with user defined rules.

HW Design : Turnkey

  • Board design, BSP and sensor integration, Mass production. ID design based on applications.
  • EMS support and post production testing and debugging, Camera module design and integration.
  • Silicon experience spans SoC Hi3516 HiSilicon, Texas instruments.

Sensor Integration/encoding

  • MJPEG, MPEG4(H.264) and MPEG4(H.265).
  • Proprietary motion detection and dynamic adaptability.
  • Sensor control and interface and also adaptive storage /streaming mechanism

DVR Frame work

  • ONIF and PSIA standard compliance.
  • Open VSS based framework to leverage the open source modules, inbuilt interface, device monitoring, device health check and intelligence tracking algorithms.
  • SDK to build applications and User interface with remote access and control.
  • AES128 bit data security. Smart alerts and command/communication.