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Engineering Services

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One-Stop-Shop for all Engineering Services and Outsourced Product Development needs of OEMs & ISVs

Globalization is leading to rapid multiplication in both the challenges and the opportunities for Engineering companies. OEMs and ISVs may either get bogged down by the challenges, or they could leverage and monetise the oppurtunities – especially if they elicit the services of a seasoned full-spectrum Engineering Services and Outsourced Product Development provider like Redeem Systems.

OEMs and ISVs firstly need to understand the unique nuances of end-user requirements and preferences in different regional markets – especially the emerging markets. This understanding, then needs to be translated unto a viable Product Design with detailed specifications for the Software, Hardware and Integrated System. Thereafter, Rapid Prototyping is needed to achieve tangible evaluation of the product so that through multiple iterations the final design can be finalised. And the finalised Design should be optimized for scalable and cost-optimized manufacturing – what is called as Design-Led Manufacturing. Furthermore, the product needs to be tested and validated through state-of-the-art tools and processes. Only, then can the product be brought to the market. And thereafter, there has to be continuous support and maintenance for the launched product – especially with a focus toward extending the profitable life-cycle of the product through value addition and value enhancement.

Though the above mentioned steps may seem daunting to any OEM/ISV, especially when they are targeting an emerging market; we at Redeem Systems take great pride in being a one-stop-shop full-spectrum engineering services provider that has successfully “Accelerated Product Success” for numerous prestigous OEMs and ISVs.

We provide state-of-the-art engineering
services in the following domains:

Product design and development services for Embedded or Semiconductor and Mechanical domains by Redeem Systems

Product Design and
Development Services

Complete suite of product design and development services for embedded, mechatronic and mechanical products

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Verification and
Validation Services

Design Validation Testing and manufactured product testing using automated and manual methods

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 End-to-end or full spectrum of verification and validation or testing services that include automated and manual testing
Extended product life cycle services to OEMs across industry verticals, especially embedded systems and telecommunications.

Extended Product
Lifecycle Services

Product Life Cycle Management with special emphasis on extending period of profitability

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Emerging Markets

Market penetration or New Product Introduction services to accelerate success in emerging markets

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Market Penetration and New Product Introduction constitute Redeem Systems' Emerging Markets Strategy services
Value Analysis and Value Engineering is a high-impact service line in which Redeem Systems' experts use Functional Analysis System Technique (FAST) methodologies

Value Analysis and
Value Engineering

Unlock hidden value, maximize realized potential or simply reduce product costs through V.A.V.E services

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