Bold Business Models | Redeem Systems

Innovative Business Models

To sustain in a complex and competitive ecosystem, we at Redeem Systems believe that there is a constant impetus on us to innovate to stay relevant in the market place.

We, as a company, constantly endeavor to innovate and add value to our customers – in the very products that we design and develop, in the process that goes behind this co-creation and in the business models we offer to our customers. This is what we call as Co- Shore & Share philosophy that is the very premise on which our innovative & bold business models basket is made off and continuously expanded.

TOB aka Reverse BOT

Being in the PLM related services business, Redeem Systems can undertake Full outsourcing projects on the products sustaining front which will involve of transfer of assets, people and facilities completely. We can take full accountability for the product upkeep from there-on also support the OEM sales teams in new business development. We are open to running such programs on revenue / profit sharing basis so that it makes it win-win for our customers and us.

We also provide this model for taking over, re-invigorating and effectively running ailing captives(GIC) as an ODC for the customer assuring same levels of dedication while multiplying and maximizing the ROI through such set-ups. So in these models – we transfer, operate and further build upon the operations involving specific product lines and centers of our customers.

Risk Reward

These business models can be pure revenue /profit share or a combination of traditional pricing with revenue/profit share, depending on the nature of the business environment and outlook.

These models are primarily used at instances our solution accelerators& IP components are used . Instead of charging NRE to customers, we also take up product success as the yardstick for remuneration so that development costs are kept minimum for customers and we co-share the burden in all aspects with our customers in brining truly credible ideas to life. This approach has enabled us to forge deeper and more valuable relationships with our client partners.

A revenue / profit share solution could include lower risk-lower reward for Redeem Systems initially moving on to high risk-higher reward over the period of the engagement driven purely by your business growth.

Cost Plus

Especially when we are in the Products co-creation business, it is imperative that we catalyze the product realization dreams right from the concept stage, while also doing the same from the design or morphing an existing product stages as starting points. We adopt the cost plus model, especially with product start-ups. The plus part is that we are very flexible, and at times, even liberal. This model helps us to support the cause of Greenfield product development from great ideas held by, at times, cash strapped ventures. We see this as one way for us to be up the value-chain and offer cutting-edge solutions to customers world-wide.