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Customer Success Case Studies

Below are the details of the work we have done on specific data networking products that we have been integral to - as part of their realization process. For a comprehensive collection and showcase of engineering services excellence delivered by us, do visit the “Insights” section of our website.

MPLS-TP implementation on a Mobile Backhaul Switch

  • Mobile backhaul switch providing static MPLS-TP LSP & PW Services.
  • IETF and ITU-T based static provisioning of LSP, PW, MEG, MEP & OAM.
  • In Band OAM services – BFD & BHH OAM on BCM chip.
  • Linear protection switching to provide the LSP protection triggered by BCM chip failure detection.
  • Fault management for better OAM (LM, DM, AIS, RDI, etc.)
  • MEF e-Line , e-LAN and e-Tree services.


  • Implementation of SNMP MIBs for all MPLS-TP modules (LSP, PW, MEG, MEP, OAM).
  • Porting the ZebOS MPLS-TP implementation to BCM Katana & VALKYRIE chips.
  • Implementing the kernel interface layer between the ZebOS control plane and the BCM SDK.
  • Fixing bugs in ZebOS code base.
  • Implementing OAM offload to BCM Katana chip (BFD and BHH OAM CC run in BCM BTE engine).
  • Implementing the protection switching triggers in the kernel to achieve faster switchover.
  • Running the complete project life cycle that includes: Customer requirements analysis, competitor product analysis, SW architecture, design, coding and testing.

IP/MPLS implementation on Switch cum Router

  • New Generation Access/Metro/Edge switch cum router
  • Full fledge IP/MPLS Solution using LDP, RSVP-TE
  • FRR
  • L2VPN and L3VPN
  • 6PE


  • Porting the ZebOS MPLS implementation to BCM Katana & Trident chips.
  • Implementing the kernel interface layer between the ZebOS control plane and the BCM SDK.
  • Fixing bugs in ZebOS code base.
  • Implementing the sub-features that are required for deployment.
  • Implementation of SNMP MIBs for all MPLS modules (LSP, PW, MEG, MEP, OAM). Running the complete project life cycle that includes : Customer requirements analysis, competitor product analysis, SW architecture , design, coding and testing.

OpenFlow support in Access/Aggregate switches/routers

  • New Generation SDN Switch.
  • OpenFlow Multi-table support in Switch.
  • L2, L3 and MPLs features.


  • Porting BCM OF-DPA onto the target.
  • Testing with OpenDaylight and Floodlight controllers.
  • Implementing the simple features that were missing in it.
  • Testing with various SDN controllers.
  • Fixing bugs in OpenFlow OFDPA code provided by BCM.
  • SDN Certification process.

Transporting TDM Circuits over MEN

  • Transporting TDM circuits over Metro Ethernet Networks (MEF8).
  • Wintegra winpath3 for TDM frame processing, Broadcom Enduro for Eth packet processing.
  • MEF8 compliance.
  • Circuit Emulation Services over Ethernet (CESoETH) uses a P2P connection between two CES IWF.
  • CES IWF provides the adaptation of the CES application to Eth services by supporting CESoP & SAToP.


  • Enhancements and bug fixing on system features and data plane configuration.
  • Implementation of CESoP, SAToP on Wintegra WinPath.
  • Implementation of: Alarm hierarchy implementation for TDM alarms, Performance Monitoring Implementation for TDM, Syslog, Offline configuration, etc.
  • Enhancement on: Statistics sync (from line to control card), software download for boot loader, SIU image remote upgrade, TDM SNMP MIBs as per customer internal SLE type standard,SFU & SIU unit sequence,etc.
  • IBug fixing in : WinPath API error handling, SIU tdmapp Daemon, IUCD demon, SFU pwe3 daemon, Clock recovery , PW alarm Handling as per MEF8, Vlan Tagging (0x88A8) for PW, CESoP/SAToP payload related bugs.
  • Architecture proposal for STM-1 Linecard development.

Development Support for a CHASSIS BASED SWITCH

  • 7 RU height chassis based G-PON OLT system with 14 slots (10 service units, 2 uplink units, 2 switching fabric units)
  • High-performance over FTTx applications.
  • High-density chassis system to support up to 2,560 residential and business subscribers with 40 G-PON ports (1:64 split ratio).
  • Provides simultaneous services of G-PON and Gigabit Ethernet.features flexible and high capacity G-PON access and 10GbE uplinks, scalability and line rate performance with a 296Gbps non-blocked switch fabric.


  • Implementation of FDB Sync feature, Equipment manager (slot planning) , Event Manager, interface range feature, L2 Configuration sync feature from control card to line card, rate limiting feature.
  • Porting IGMP Snooping feature and enhancement for configuration sync and control plane multicast table from SIU to SFU.
  • Implementation of Protocol-based VLAN
  • Bug fixing: L2 features including VLAN Translation, QinQ

Enhancements to a Carrier Ethernet Transport product:(1st generation switch):

  • 24 ports Fast Ethernet Switch with enhanced Layer 2 Ethernet switching.
  • 2 optional expansion slots supporting 1000Base-X (GBIC or SFP module) or PON interface
  • Choice of using two of those interfaces as uplink towards the core network.

System Features:

  • VLAN,QoS
  • IP Multicast, SNMP
  • DHCP
  • STP
  • Trunking
  • LACP
  • Broadcast Storm Control


  • Enhancement Maintenance and Bug Fixing
  • DHCP option 82 : Bug Fixing
  • DHCP Request attacks enhancement : Only one request per second from same MAC.
  • ZebOS configuration CLI issues : Show running config, link up and down, etc.


  • New Product, New Code base
  • Quick Rampup.

Provider Backbone Bridge (PBB) on an Aggregation Router

  • PBB feature on MXXX series aims at providing more scalability to RFC4664 and RFC4762 for stored MAC table at CE-PE and PE-P interfaces across IP/MPLS backbone.
  • To enhance service providers confidence in adding more services with MAC-in-MAC feature enabled at above interfaces.


  • Project scoping based on end customer requirements.
  • SW architecture analysis, design and implementation of PBB.
  • Implementation of FDB for learning backbone MACs, aging, etc.
  • Integration of PBB with Protection Switching, Y1731
  • BCM porting: BCM Enduro (5633x): Design for BCM interface layer(control plane to data plane integration) for PBB.
  • Handling BCM Chip issues: Document versus actual behavior,bugs in BCM SDK for the new features introduced by BCM.

ATCA form factor migration of Switches

  • AHUB3-B is a single slot Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) packet processing module/blade compliant with PICMG 3.0/ 3.1 (Option 1 & 9) interface specification.
  • Meant for dual-star and full-mesh configurations in 16 slots (ETSI cabinet) systems.
  • Provides Rear Transition Module (RTM) for fabric and base interface extension.
  • Base interface switch provides Gigabit Ethernet services on 15 base channels via ZONE 2 and two Fast Ethernet to the shelf managers.
  • With the AHUB3-B, its fabric inter-face (FI) switch provides 10GbE (10GBase-KX4, XAUI) service on maximum of fifteen backplane channels via ZONE2 connectors.
  • Blade provides in-band and out-of-band access to the RS232 console port and 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet management port.


  • Porting of the Switch across the blades of an ATCA chassis
  • Knowledge transfer from different vendor on ATC
  • Understanding the Standards on IPMI, PICMG (HPM),Service
  • Availability Forum Standards
  • Understanding OpenHPI.
  • Understanding MMC/RTM/Base Interface/Fabric Interface.
  • SNMP Enhancements.

WI-FI Feature Development For H640GW GPON Residential Gateway Unit (RGU):

  • ITU-T G.984 based GPON ONT designed to deliver triple-play services to the subscriber in Fiber-to-Home or Fiber-to-Premises application.
  • GPON interface for the uplink and downlink is composed of 4 *1G network ports, 2 VOIP ports and IEEE 802.11n compliant Wi-Fi access point.
  • Wi-Fi a single-band, 2.4GHz , IEEE 802.11 compliant Radio chip with MIMO solution support and embedded hardware accelerator to provide greater range and increased throughput, while maintaining compatibility with IEEE 802.11 b/g devices.


  • Integration of vendor provided Wi-Fi driver with the H640GW GPON NOS codebase.
  • Bring-up Wi-Fi module & Implementation of Wi-Fi-device specific GPIO, LED and button control driver.
  • Stack Wi-Fi driver with GPON driver to interface Wi-Fi packets through GPON network packet processor.
  • Addition of support for Multiple SSIDs and limit on a number of users per SSID.
  • Validation and calibration of Radio parameters and auto-channel selection.
  • Enable wireless network security support that includes WPA, WPA2, and AES encryption/decryption coupled with TKIP and IEEE 802.1X support
  • Provide CLI interface & Web interface for configuration and administration of Wi-Fi radio and SSID settings.
  • Team and Duration:
  • Team size: 4 people Duration : 1 year
  • Challenges
  • System validation and bug-fixing.

IPv6 migration of a WLAN Access Point Product

  • Gigabit Ethernet indoor Access Point based on 802.11a/b/g/n.
  • Supports Dual-band & Dual-concurrent and Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection.
  • The perfect fit for the enterprise customers that want to deploy the optimized secure wireless networks in the office, workplace, entire campus or apartment house.


  • Implementation of IPv6 Support (service scenario for Enterprise solution and SOHO solution).
  • Implementation of Layer-3 fast Roaming feature.
  • Implementation of IGMP Snooping feature.
  • Implementation of the Web interface for configuring the AP (C, HTML, Javascript based).
  • CLI Implementation for rate limiting, IPv6, L3 roaming & IGMP Snooping.
  • Implementation & enhancements on few SNMP MIBs.