Engineering Competencies | Horizontal and Vertical

Engineering Competencies

Redeem Systems is an Organization of 100% Engineers - all with at least 4 year’s experience.

Engineering Competencies we hold are a function of both the experience we gain from our different customer engagements and the in-house research we undertake on emerging technologies research in terms of Proof of Concepts (POCs).

All the engineering competencies development initiatives are directed at enabling our Engineers to be very adept and apt for upstream activities like Technology consulting and management of work packages. Our Company continuously strives to be considered by our customers as a ‘Consulting Lead Solution providers’.

In the telecom market, we clearly are looked at as Thought Leaders – ‘partners’ who can be relied upon to develop solutions to solve specific problems that limit revenue maximization in the new telecom world order. The Telecom Equipment Manufacturer (TEM) Products market is shrinking and is expected to grow modestly only after a couple of years. Adding value to TEMs’ topline is critical to be relevant in this space today.

We have segmented our core engineering competencies as horizontal and vertical. The former being building blocks that can be used across product design and development needs across verticals. The latter are industry specific capabilities that we have cultivated and are developed through client engagements in areas that are core to customers to facilitate our growth, giving sustainable value prospects to all our stakeholders.