IP Networking Solutions | Carrier & Metro Ethernet | Packet Optical Transport

IP Networking Solutions

Key growth factors of the emerging telecom sector are data and multimedia services. Carrier applications are gradually evolving into a bigger market. Telecom Equipment Manufacturers and Telecom network operators, therefore, now require specialized services of solutions providers like Redeem Systems who can offer the complete suite of IP Networking solutions.

Redeem Systems extensive knowledge in networking by supporting superior networking companies has created technological experts in Wired and Data Networking Domain. Redeem System’s long experience in network technology with expert technical resources can become an excellent partner for any networking company for providing remarkable IP Network solutions.


Mobile Backhaul \ Carrier Ethernet Transport

The Mobile backhaul has evolved from traditional Tl /E 1-based solutions to IP-based architectures. We enable TEMs to deliver carrier-class backhaul solutions that can simultaneously handle legacy TDM and ATM traffic, together with IP traffic from newer networks. With Carrier Ethernet, service providers can offer subscribers high bandwidth services such as video conferencing and video-on-demand. We have worked with multiple Telecom Equipment Manufacturers to design and develop their Carrier Ethernet products as part of our IP Networking solutions suite.

  • L2/L3 Switching
  • STP, RSTP, MSTP, 802.1 x, VLAN (IEEE 802.1 q, IEEE 802.1 p and IEEE 802.1 ad) MPLS, PBB (802.1 ah), L2TP, CFM and Metro Ethernet
  • Layer-3 Routing
  • IPV 4/1Pv6, RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, IGMP and PIM
  • Layer-4
  • QoS (Quality of Service)
  • L2-to-L4 QoS
  • Management Interface
  • CU (Command Line Interface), SNMP, TR069 and GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Packet Optical Transport\Data Center Ethernet

Packet-optical transport is a cost-effective alternative to traditional SONET/SDH transport networks, with similar OAM and recovery performance. We can help Telecom Equipment Manufacturers introduce IP/MPLS and MPLS-TP based packet switching into their optical products as part of our IP Networking solutions suite.

  • L3/L2 switch, Switch Fabric and Switch core software customization and development.
  • Multilayer Metro Ethernet Switch with advanced QoS and MPLS features.
  • IP-DSLAM – IP-based broadband DSL technology, DSL/ ADSL/xDSL, Gigabit E-PON technology.
  • Mobile Backhaul – Ethernet-based mobile network transport technology.
  • Metro Ethernet and Carrier Ethernet-based concentrators and distributors.
  • Next generation range of ATCA/Micro TCA devices.

Network Hardware And Software Platforms

  • Deep experience in X-86, MIPS Networking platforms.
  • BCM (Broadcom switch core) customization, porting and integration.
  • Customization, integration and porting of proprietary PAL, HAL, abstraction layers.
  • Expertise in ZebOS control plane software for X-86 and MIPS based networking platforms.

Software Frameworks And Protocol Stacks

  • We provide feature-rich and widely deployed protocol stacks and software frameworks for Layer 2, Layer 3 switching and routing.