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- Channel and Technology

Redeem Systems is committed to developing partnerships that deliver increased business and technical value to our customers. We have multiple technologies and business channel partnerships that complement and expand our own capabilities and reach.

We call the Redeem Systems Partnership Program as the Uniforce program. As a part of this program, we continue to enter into strategic alliances and partnerships with some of the best players in the industry – players whose products, services, technologies, market presence and customer reach can make a significant impact in bringing products to market more effectively and quickly.

While partnering ecosystems have become a primary business practice, successful partnering takes a concentrated effort by all parties to ensure that a partnership is more than a signed contract with no follows through. Together, with each of our partners, we jointly prepare the overall partnership targets / goals framework and ensure relentless execution and follow-ups to enable us to offer our customers the best possible solutions.

Uniforce program is managed with the conviction that a well-crafted partner ecosystem is much greater than the sum of its parts. Built around this core idea of strong relationships, the Uniforce program aims at diffusing completely the boundaries between the traditional notion of ‘Redeem Systems team’ and ‘Partner team’, and enables our customers to work with a unified, seamless and single force to derive maximum strategic advantage.

As stated earlier, we have both Technology Partners and Channel as part of the Uniforce program and the objectives of the two streams of partnerships are detailed in the related pages.