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Performance Culture


Our people-centric culture encompasses both customers and employees. At Redeem Systems, you'll never be just another cog in the wheel!

Open, Informal, Performance Driven and Participative are some words that best describe our work culture.

Intelligent, Hardworking, Team-playing, Young and Vibrant are some of the words that best describe our Engineers.

The Amalgamation of the two is the concept of the Redeem Systems human capital – the force that has what it takes to solve the most complex, high-impact challenges faced by our clients – the world’s leading OEMs & ISVs.

We have an extremely stable core team. Our 12+ Program / Project Managers have been with us for an average tenure of 5+ years. Attrition amongst people that have been with us for at least 2 years is almost zero. Our core team strengthens our culture and propagates it further within the company.

We pride ourselves in our talent pool of engineers that constitute the crème de la crème of software professionals recruited from top engineering institutes of the country.

We’re also proud that people want to work at Redeem Systems, that they find our high-performance culture personally fulfilling, professionally challenging and financially rewarding.

We are headquartered in Bangalore with a global presence through Sales Offices world-wide. We are committed to the make in India cause by doing our bit by providing one-stop design solutions for our global customer.Despite an increasingly competitive business environment, we are committed to create the quantum of added value that will deliver true satisfaction to our customers.

Here are just a few of the measures that reflect our people-focus:

Building an innings

Our Engineers work for the same customer, with the same team members, year on year, with direct access to CXO level people at the customers end. We take responsibilities beyond the immediate deliverables. At the base of our success lies the deep understanding of the customer’s expectations. The stability we provide by giving our engineers the opportunity to be part of and professionally evolve in an Extended Team of a customer for relatively long period of time, enables them to perform in an outstanding manner, take extraordinary efforts and deliver exceptional results.

Open Communications

Employees are encouraged to give feedback and suggestions through a variety of systematic mechanisms. The feedback given is valued and forms the base for continuous improvement. The best suggestions are rewarded. Utmost importance is given to transparency in communication.

Our online in-house magazine keeps employees informed of our recent customer wins, business partners, recent events, customer appreciation and is also a forum for employees to showcase their literary skills.

Customized Career Development Plan

The company helps each employee develop a plan that aligns his or her talents and aspirations with the strategic direction of the company. Based on business opportunities, employees are given onsite and offshore work in line with their choice.

Multiskilling is encouraged. We have a well chalked out Career Development plan for each employee. The roles and responsibilities of each position are carefully defined.


We are convinced that continuous learning is the only way to keep our edge. Training programs range from technological skills to communication and cultural training. A training roadmap is drawn up from the moment you join us.

At Redeem Systems, you can be assured to be at the forefront of learning new emerging technologies and best industry practices. Our training spans technical, behavioral and managerial disciplines and we have fixed hours of mandatory training to each employee to enable them to learn and develop into mature professionals.


Our Senior Leadership Team takes its mentoring responsibilities very seriously and is focused on creating the leaders of tomorrow. At Redeem Systems, the emphasis has always been on imparting life skills, and not just theoretical knowledge.

Our Mentoring programs are focused on providing opportunity to our employees create challenging products through latest and emerging technologies, and the freedom to experiment and innovate with new technology alternatives.

Working with Redeem Systems always involves a technical challenge and the excitement of developing something absolutely new and cutting edge. It is our constant endeavor to help you evolve into a fine professional with the best blend of technical and soft skills.

Beyond Work

Our highly proactive and responsive ER department is constantly executing programs to help people get to know each other better or just unwind. Sports, cultural events or just an evening out at the cinema with the family, there’s always plenty of opportunity for fun at Redeem Systems.

We believe that the desire to excel should come from within. We go out of our way to help employees balance life and work. We always strive to make the company a happy place to work for all our employees.